For the past 49 years of every fall semester, students from all over southern California have come to San Diego State University for MEChA's Annual High School Conference!

Due to COVID-19, We will not be hosting an in person high school conference Fall 2020, but instead host a virtual Conference in SPRING 2021. We are continuing to hear back from the University as well as considering the circumstances  of the Pandemic and will adjust accordingly if needed to. 

Huge Thank You to the Volunteers 

Over 500 Students attended MEChA's 49th Annual High School Conference, the support we received from all volunteers allowed us to stay organized throughout the day. 

2019 HSC Theme:


MEChA de SDSU seeks to make higher education as accessible as possible for all high school students. During our conference, we strive to highlight the importance of higher learning, spread cultural awareness, and raise political consciousness both in the classrooms and the community.